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Leading Experts Weigh in on Industry Trends at Parallels Summit 2013


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Last month we attended Parallels Summit to meet with new and existing partners, and hear from leading experts on the latest industry trends. We had a great time giving limo rides to summit attendees and hosting "Conversations with CloudFlare" at our booth.

For these conversations, CloudFlare co-founderMichelle Zatlyn sat down with 15 leading experts in the hosting and service provider industry. Their conversations were captured live and offer insight into the latest trends and news in hosting and web services.

Below are highlights and video clips from five of those conversations. We will be posting the rest of the videos next week.

Dan Havens, VP of Sales at Parallels

When it comes to the adoption of Plesk 11, Dan says it's all about the gateway. Listen in as he discusses Plesk 11 benefits, changes to the hosting space in the last few years, and what country Parallels is really big in right now...

Sam Renkema, CEO of Spam Experts

Sam knows spam. As the CEO of one of the most widely deployed packages offered in the APS catalog, Sam has seen all the trends in email spam. Sam tells us what hosting providers are most concerned about and what the newest sector of email spam looks like...

Marco Howen, CEO of LuxCloud

"We have to adapt. If we're not doing it, we won't sell" - Marco emphasizes ease of adoption and making UIs as simple as possible. Oh, and LuxCloud is a globally impacting company with an employee headcount that might surprise you...

Terry Gerstner, VP of Marketing at MobeeArt

MobeeArt is like mobile magic, for your website. MobeeArt
automatically converts websites to mobile. Sound too good to be true? It's not. And they are announcing a feature that's going to make running a mobile website even better...

Michele Nelyon, CEO of Blacknight

Michele has his finger on the pulse of Internet policy. There are big issues the hosting industry will be facing over the next few years. Michele discusses these issues and what we can do to help...

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