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Announcing the first Workers Launchpad cohort and growth of the program to $2 billion


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During Birthday Week 2022, we announced a $1.25 billion funding program for startups building on our developer platform, Cloudflare Workers. This was done in partnership with 26 leading VC firms who have been investing in or seeking to invest in Workers-based startups.

Today, we’re excited to reveal the first cohort of Launchpad Startups as well as 14 additional VC partners, bringing the Launchpad to $2 billion in potential funding from 40 VC firms in total.

Who are our new VC partners?

We are excited to welcome 14 additional firms to the Workers Launchpad, which you can find included in the image below. They have worked with hundreds of companies that have grown to become leaders in their areas including Asana, Canva, Figma, Netlify, Vercel, Area 1 Security (which Cloudflare acquired in 2022), and many others. Notably, they also represent a diverse group of investors who support startups across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Many of these investors have seen the competitive advantages of building on Workers through their own portfolio companies firsthand and are looking forward to providing the capital and resources you need to build and scale your business.

Announcing the Fall 2022 cohort of Launchpad Startups!

We received hundreds of applications for the Fall cohort from startups representing more than 30 countries. We were blown away by the breadth of businesses that folks were building - some are creating tools to simplify developer workflows, while others are helping ecommerce businesses better reach and serve customers around the world. The common thread amongst all the Launchpad companies, however, is their usage of Cloudflare’s developer platform to build more secure, reliable, and feature-rich products faster than they otherwise could.

Introducing the Fall 2022 cohort

Our inaugural cohort of Launchpad startups features 25 diverse businesses. Here’s what they’re building, in their own words:

AIDEM Privacy first, sustainable, transparent digital advertising.
Apyfy The data privacy & security firewall.
Authdog Identity & access management streamlined.
Axiom Logging solved, at any scale.
BlocPal Unlocking accessible & affordable financial services for all.
COPILOT TRAVEL Next-generation infrastructure for global travel data.
Data Narratives Data superpowers for growth teams.
Drivly APIs to buy and sell cars online.
Endear Retail CRM for consumer brands.
flethy Design. Configure. Automate.
GPUX Serverless GPU inference.
Grafbase The easiest way to build and deploy GraphQL backends.
JEMPass Authentication made simple, seamless, secure.
Karambit.AI Stop software supply chain attacks.
Kubelt Simple and secure user identity for supercharging your user experience.
Narrative BI No-code analytics platform for growth teams.
Ninetailed Composable personalization and experimentation solution for digital builders. Predictive commerce edge delivery engine to boost conversion rates.
Patr Deploy and scale your applications in 60 seconds. Generate front-end code from designs automatically.
qxip Polyglot monitoring and edge observability. Create. Deploy. Repeat. The one-stop-shop for your webhooks & scheduled tasks.
Service Loom Start a service business in 3 minutes.
Targum Translating videos at the speed of social media using AI.
Touchless The fastest sites, with no code.

Is it too late to join the Launchpad?

Nope! We will select Launchpad Startups on a quarterly basis, so if you are building on Workers, interested in pitching VCs, and want to join our next cohort of Workers Founder, apply here! If you’re new to Workers and looking to begin building, check out our Startup Plan for a year of free Cloudflare services, Built with Workers, and join our Cloudflare Developer Discord community.

Cloudflare is not providing any funding or making any funding decisions, and there is no guarantee that any particular company will receive funding through the program. All funding decisions will be made by the venture capital firms that participate in the program. Cloudflare is not a registered broker-dealer, investment adviser, or other similar intermediary.

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