Today, March 12th 2019, marks the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web! Cloudflare is helping to celebrate in coordination with the Web Foundation, as part of a 30 hour commemoration of the many ways in which the Web has changed our lives. As we post this blog, Sir Tim Berners Lee is kicking off his journey of the web at CERN, where he wrote the first web browser.

The Web Foundation (@webfoundation) is organizing a Twitter timeline of the web, where each hour corresponds to a year starting now with 1989 at 00:00PT/ 08:00 CET. We (@cloudflare) will be tweeting out milestones in our history and the web’s history, as well as some fun infographics. We hope you will follow the journey on Twitter and contribute your own memories and thoughts to the timeline by tweeting and using #Web30 #ForTheWeb. Celebrate with us and support the Web!