Google Page Speed and CloudFlare

This morning Google launched a limited new service they're calling Google Page Speed. We've known they've been working on this service for some time and are friends with several of the members of the Google speed team who helped build it. Making the web faster is half of CloudFlare's mission, so it's terrific to see other smart companies working in the field alongside us. When we first suggested that you could improve web performance and security through a simple DNS change several years ago many people were skeptical. A lot fewer people are skeptical now, and we're seeing record signups for CloudFlare this morning.

Some people have begun to kick the tires of Google's service in comparison to CloudFlare and we're pretty pleased with how we stack up. There's nothing that stops you from using Google Page Speed behind CloudFlare and I suspect if Google opens the service up more broadly we may offer it as a CloudFlare App -- just like we have with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

In the meantime, if you're interested in the Google Page Speed Service but aren't among the limited few to be given an invite, CloudFlare's service is free regardless of bandwidth and open for signup to websites of any size.