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Public access for our Ethereum and IPFS gateways now available


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Today we are excited to announce that our Ethereum and IPFS gateways are publicly available to all Cloudflare customers for the first time. Since our announcement of our private beta last September the interest in our Eth and IPFS gateways has been overwhelming. We are humbled by the demand for these tools, and we are excited to get them into as many developers' hands as possible. Starting today, any Cloudflare customer can log into the dashboard and configure a zone for Ethereum, IPFS, or both!

Over the last eight months of the private beta, we’ve been busy working to fully operationalize the gateways to ensure they meet the needs of our customers!

First, we have created a new API with end-to-end managed hostname deployment. This ensures the creation and management of gateways as you continue to scale remains extremely quick and easy! It is paramount to give time and focus back to developers to focus on your core product and services and leave the infrastructural components to us!

Second, we’ve added a brand new UI bringing web3 to Cloudflare's zone-level dashboard. Now, regardless of the workflow you are used to, we have parity between our UI and API to ensure we fit into your existing processes and no time is wasted internally to have to figure out ‘how we integrate’, but rather, a quick setup and start to serve content or connect your services!

Third, we are pleased to say that you will soon have testnet support to ensure your new development can be easily tested, hardened, and deployed to your mainnet without incurring additional risk to your brand trust, product availability, or concern that something may fail silently and begin a cascade of problems throughout your network. We want to ensure that anyone leveraging our web3 gateways is able to achieve more confidence and trust that whatever changes are pushed forward do not impact end user experience. At the end of the day, the Internet is for end users and their experience and perception must always be kept within our purview at all times.

Lastly, Cloudflare loves to build on top of Cloudflare. This helps us stay resilient and also shows our commitment and belief in all the products we create! We have always used our SSL for SaaS and Workers products in the background. Building on our own services gives our customers the ability to define and control their own HTTP features on top of traffic destined for web3 gateways, including: rate limits, WAF rules, custom security filters, serving video, customer defined Workers logic, custom redirects and more!

Today thousands of different individuals, companies, and DAO's are building new products leveraging our web3 gateways -- the most reliable web3 infrastructure with the largest network

Here are just a few snippets of how people are already using our web3 Gateways, and we can’t wait to see what you build on them:

  • DeFi DAO’s use the Cloudflare IPFS gateway to serve their front end web applications globally without latency or cache penalties.
  • NFT designers use the Ethereum Gateway to effortlessly drop new offerings, and the IPFS gateway to store them in a fully decentralized system.
  • Large Dapp developers trust us to handle huge traffic spikes quickly and efficiently, without rate limits or overage caps. They combine all our offerings into a single pane of glass so that they don’t have to juggle multiple systems.

As part of this announcement, we will begin migrating our existing users away from the legacy gateway endpoints and onto our new API, which is easier, highly managed, and more robust. To ensure a smooth transition, you will first need to make sure you have signed up for a Cloudflare account if you did not already have one. On top of that, we have made sure to keep our free users in mind and thus our free users will continue to use the gateways at no cost with our free tier option! This includes no cap in the amount of traffic that can be pushed through our gateways along with offering the most transparent and forecastable pricing models in the market today. We are very excited about the future and look forward to sharing the next iterations of web3 at Cloudflare!

Also, if you can’t wait to start building on our gateways, check out our product documentation for more guidance.

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