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DNSChanger Update: Nearly 4% of Infections Already Detected


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DNSChanger Update: Nearly 4% of Infections Already Detected

Just a quick update on the initiative between CloudFlare, OpenDNS, and the DCWG to clean up the DNSChanger malware. In the last week, just over 11,000 websites enabled the Visitor DNSChanger Detector App through CloudFlare. Since then, those sites have collectively served more than 56 million page views. Just over 12,000 visitors to those websites have seen the warning about the DNSChanger virus and clicked on the link to learn more and clean up their infection. In just the first week, that's nearly 4% of the total number of estimated infected computersthat the CloudFlare community has already helped notify and get cleaned up.

While hundreds of thousands of computers are still infected and risk losing access to the Internet on July 9, 2012, we're proud of the strong start to this effort by the CloudFlare community along with OpenDNS and the DCWG.

If you haven't yet enabled the Visitor DNSChanger Detector App for your sites on CloudFlare, you can do so by following this link.

Thanks for helping us #savetheweb.

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