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Stronger protection and more control over security settings with CloudFlare’s new cPanel plugin


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CloudFlare has released a new version of our plugin for cPanel with two new features and more control over the security settings of your website.

The new plugin (v6.0) uses the latest cPanel PHP-based APIs, and is completely re-architected to make adding new features easier, allowing for more frequent updates.

We’ve always focused on making integration with CloudFlare as easy as possible. As a customer of one of our hosting partners you can quickly start using CloudFlare features and routing your website traffic through CloudFlare’s global network by clicking on the CloudFlare icon from your cPanel interface.

New features offering stronger protection

Add domains to CloudFlare through Full Zone Provisioning. A huge benefit of Full Zone Provisioning is that it enables all of CloudFlare’s protection, including DDoS mitigation, at the root domain ( as well the subdomain (

If your website is experiencing Layer 7 DDoS attacks, you can now click on the 'Enable “I'm under attack" mode ’ button to filter out malicious traffic while allowing legitimate visitors to reach your site. When this is in place, visitors will receive a temporary page for about five seconds while we analyze the traffic to make sure it is a legitimate human visitor.

More control over security settings

You can now control more CloudFlare security settings right from cPanel:

  • Select the basic security level of your site from Essentially Off, Low, Medium, or High
  • Configure the Challenge Passage which specifies how long a visitor is allowed access to your website after completing a challenge
  • Enable Browser Integrity Check which evaluates HTTP headers from your visitors browser for threats, if a threat is found a block page will be delivered

Performance benefits

You can also control your website’s performance settings from within cPanel:

  • Set the caching level and purge the cache
  • Enable Auto-minify, where you can choose whether you want to compress the size of CSS, Javascript, HTML (even dynamic HTML), or any combination of the three
  • Toggle Development Mode ON/OFF, which temporarily bypasses the cache allowing you to see changes to your origin server in realtime

Don't see the CloudFlare icon in cPanel? Talk to your hosting provider about becoming a CloudFlare partner.

Features for our hosting partners

In just five minutes you can install the CloudFlare plugin and provide all the security and performance benefits of CloudFlare to your customers (Installation instructions).

The plugin gives your customers two options of how to provision CloudFlare. You can choose between CNAME (partial) setup and Full Zone setup. CNAME setup is enabled by default and you can control whether to enable or disable Full Zone setup.

Being based on the latest cPanel APIs it is more stable than previous versions. It also includes localization support, you can easily translate the plugin into any language you chose.

Some common FAQs about CloudFlare's cPanel plugin.

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