CloudFlare's 2012: Happy New

For about half the world (and about half of CloudFlare's data centers) it's already 2013. As our team (most of whom are in San Francisco) get ready to celebrate New Year's Eve, wanted to quickly look back on CloudFlare's 2012. Here are some stats that tell the story of our last year:

  • Page views served by CloudFlare in 2012: 679,237,127,874
  • Hits served via CloudFlare's network in 2012: 3,691,532,490,107
  • Bandwidth served from CloudFlare's network in 2012: 765 Petabytes
  • Bandwidth we saved our customers in 2012: 436 Petabytes
  • New sites that signed up for CloudFlare in 2012: 573,177
  • Threats stopped by CloudFlare in 2012: 281,701,624,076
  • New CloudFlare data centers added in 2012: 10

Over 2012, we saw more than 720 million unique IPs connect to CloudFlare's network. Our best estimate is that behind each of those IPs there are 1.8 Internet users. In other words, we saw approximately 1.3 billion Internet users pass through CloudFlare's network in 2012. That's well over half of the Internet's total population of users.

We also saved a ton of time that those Internet users would have otherwise spent waiting for websites to load. If you add up all the time that people would have spent waiting for websites to load had CloudFlare not existed in 2012, you get more than 891 lifetimes worth of time saved. We're really proud of that.

We have a number of improvements, new features, new data centers, and other surprised lined up for 2013. From everyone at CloudFlare, Happy New Year! Here's to an even faster, safer Internet in the year ahead.