CloudFlare and StopBadware partner to make the Web a better

CloudFlare and StopBadware go way back. Even before CloudFlare was founded, our founders had been working with the StopBadware team to help make the Web a safer, better place for everyone. When CloudFlare introduced its phishing protection this summer, StopBadware was a great sounding board as we developed our remediation and notification process.

Today, we are excited to announce we have partnered with StopBadware to formalize this cooperation. StopBadware makes the Web safer through the prevention, mitigation, and remediation of badware websites. Their work protects people and organizations from becoming victims of viruses, spyware, scareware, and other badware.

As a StopBadware partner, CloudFlare will participate in forums, events and educational programs to help further protect websites all over the world. CloudFlare is providing its Business-level service, with extended performance and security, to We look forward to working with StopBadware and other partners in making the Web a better place!

Visit the StopBadware partner page to learn more about the program, or listen in to CloudFlare co-founder, Michelle Zatlyn, as she discusses StopBadware with executive director Maxim Weinstein.