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Browser Blaster Makes Your Site More Fun


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Fun and Games

CloudFlare Apps already cover a wide range of services: live chat, web analytics, affiliate links, and too many to list. These tools make your website better, and we support that wholeheartedly. (More coming next week!)

But after a bit of mindless fun around the office last week, we decided to lighten up a bit. This week was focused on making our website owner customers smile -- and their website visitors, too. Why the smiles?

Browser Blaster, a game you can put on your CloudFlare-powered website with a click...and
then have your visitors "blast" your website, one element at a time. (If they know your secret code!)

Browser Blaster Makes Your Site More

We're Big Fans

We didn't write Browser Blaster. The credit goes to Erik Rothoff Andersson, the young Swedish developer whose simple riff on a classic video game captivated us.

We reached out to Erik with the idea of making the game a CloudFlare App, and he thought it sounded great. We're sharing the majority of the $0.99/month revenue from Browser Blaster with Erik. Despite his generous open-source license, we enjoyed finding a way to reward inspired coding -- and we hope you feel the same.

You can try Browser Blaster on the app detail page.

Some CloudFlare "Flair"

We started with Erik's code, and then folks here did some nifty work, adding awesome sauce wherever possible.

Browser Blaster Makes Your Site More Fun

  1. We made Browser Blaster easy to add to your CloudFlare powered site: turn on the App, for $0.99/month.
  2. Browser Blaster only shows up if your visitor knows the code. By default, the code is the classic Konami code. But we added a twist: record your own secret code. If you don't want to hide the magic, you can set Browser Blaster to Automatic Mode, visible to every site visitor at the top left.
  3. We made it easy for your players to Tweet and Facebook Like your site in the game.
  4. We put the game on our global content delivery network (CDN) and made sure it loads after the rest of your site. No performance hit, for guilt-free gaming!

Browser Blaster Makes Your Site More

Go turn it on and start your visitors smiling.

P.S. For those keeping track, we've got a great bunch of services lined up for next week, now that we've played our game. Stay tuned here or just watch will also lead you straight to the CloudFlare App.

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