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Lima, Peru: CloudFlare’s 29th data center


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Just when you thought we’d reached the end, CloudFlare’s Latin America data center expansion continues. Hot on the heels of our recent expansion into Santiago, São Paulo, and Medellin, this holiday season commences in Lima with our 29th data center globally, and our fourth in Latin America.

Latin America is the fastest growing source of traffic to CloudFlare's network, with nearly 10x growth in just the last twelve months. Our new data center in Lima reduces the latency to access any site using CloudFlare, increases web performance for users in the region from Iquitos to Tacna, and adds another point of redundancy. It also increases the capacity and surface area of the CloudFlare network to absorb massive cyber attacks. This is of particular benefit to CloudFlare customers the Presidency of Peru and the ONPE, Peru’s National Election Office. In the lead up to the Peruvian elections this month, CloudFlare partnered with the Government of Peru to ensure that local elections go off without a hitch — no easy feat when voter turnout is expected to reach nearly 90%. Whether you are running a site, mobile app, or national election we have an offering for you.

Coming to a (new) continent near you

Despite a growing, global network of 29 data centers in 21 countries, our chamba (work) is never done. Our team of infrastructure, network, and special projects elves are currently cobbling together over 20 new data center sites over the holidays. Rest assured, the CloudFlare workshop won’t close until the security and performance benefits of CloudFlare are available to children site owners everywhere. Where will the big 3-0th be, you ask? (Hint) Let’s just say it won’t be in the North Pole...yet. Lekker!

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