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App: ShareAndTell Pro Makes Sweepstakes Easy


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App: ShareAndTell Pro Makes Sweepstakes Easy

ShareAndTell Pro is a social sweepstakes and rewards platform that lets you set up giveaways on your website and Facebook page. ShareAndTell Pro is now available as a CloudFlare App.

Easy Is Powerful

When you run a sweepstakes, deciding to give away a phone or tablet to incent your customers to follow you on Twitter or Like your company on Facebook is just the beginning. What comes next is managing compliance with individual state laws, following compliance with rules (Facebook has more regulations than some governments!), tracking your entrants properly, monitoring the dates, and following through with winners to deliver prizes...all while doing your other work.

ShareAndTell Pro makes sweepstakes easy to run without getting bogged down in operational details you never even considered. Use the ShareAndTell Pro service, and your sweepstakes adds to your bottom line instead of pulling you into a morass.

Everyone Can Be A Pro

At CloudFlare, we bring the tools of the Internet giants to the web at large. ShareAndTell Pro has a similar approach. The same platform available now as a CloudFlare App powers big sweepstakes for big brands. Check out these examples: Fight Club, The Hangover, Bridesmaids, and the Game Show Network's Family Reunion Sweepstakes.

The step-by-step sweepstakes builder makes it easy to set up a promotion, rewarding visitors with entries when they follow you on Twitter, Like you on Facebook, comment, answer survey questions, and more. You also may reward participants with coupon codes. All of this functionality is coupled with full analytics to track your promotion in real time, including where sharing happens and what website traffic is coming from the endorsements.

Integration with CloudFlare

As a CloudFlare customer, you turn on ShareAndTell Pro from your CloudFlare dashboard for $20/month (Basic plan). Instantly, the ShareAndTell Pro widget appears on your website, with an active promotion for one of the ShareAndTell Pro prizes (no extra charge!) for visitors who share your site with others. For example, through January 31, 2012, the default prize is a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Last month was a Kindle Fire.

When you decide to set up your own promotion, with your own prizes, the default offering is seamlessly replaced by your custom giveaway. You can customize the appearance and action of the widget.

Making your job easier is priceless, and ShareAndTell Pro removes the hassle from encouraging your customers to interact with your site and share your brand.

Add ShareAndTell Pro now and you'll be running a sweepstakes on your site in minutes.

App: ShareAndTell Pro Makes Sweepstakes Easy

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