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App a Day #11 - ExceptionHub for JavaScript Error Tracking


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App a Day #11 - ExceptionHub for JavaScript Error Tracking

Tracking Every Error

The utility of JavaScript in modern websites increases daily. Whatever the web application, JavaScript is often the answer. But debugging can be a slog, and it's nearly impossible to capture the diversity of web browsers in the real world, no matter how comprehensive your test suite.

The answer to making your JavaScript near-bulletproof is ExceptionHub, today's CloudFlare App. Through the seamless insertion of smart monitoring code into every page of your site, ExceptionHub makes sure your site is working for your visitors -- and tells you about any glitches.

On any JavaScript error on your live site, there's a full stack trace logged to your ExceptionHub account, and (optionally) emailed to you if it's a new error. Critical details, like browser (including version) and operating system (including version), are recorded so you can reproduce and fix. To ease your development, you can mark errors fixed and focus on the remaining problems without the clutter of solved problems.

This is a focused service that solves an everyday problem for web developers in an elegant fashion.

Exceptional Discount

If you subscribe to ExceptionHub via CloudFlare Apps before June 22, 2011, you'll enjoy the Basic Plan at a 50% discount from the usual $12/month: only $6/month if you act now. This discount lasts for the first year, so you can save $96, and this plan includes up to three sites! Subscribe to ExceptionHub and make JavaScript your ally, not your enemy.

App a Day #11 - ExceptionHub for JavaScript Error Tracking

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