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Global Thanks


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Global Thanks


It's almost time at CloudFlare headquarters, in San Francisco, California, USA, to celebrate Thanksgiving. This holiday brings together family and friends to enjoy a meal and remember the people and events for which we are grateful.

Worldwide Friends

We can't invite each member of our community to join us for Thanksgiving dinner, but we are grateful that so many worldwide are using CloudFlare to make their sites faster and safer. We serve a global community, with a global network, and we remember that every day, not just the holidays.

To make our service more accessible to this worldwide community, CloudFlare uses the Smartling platform to offer our website in 31 languages, all available from the menu at the bottom right of pages. Each language starts with machine translation, and then, using the Smartling in-page tools, the community goes to work.

In the few months since we began this community translation effort, our customers have translated 20,000 words in 16 languages. That's amazing.

Nearly 100 CloudFlare customers have translated portions of our website. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we recognize a few of the most prolific translators here, in no particular order.

There are many others, not all of whom wanted to be recognized publicly. We're grateful to each one, and to Smartling for making this process simple for both the translator and site owner alike.

This same translation tool is available for your website on CloudFlare via the Smartling

Like to help us improve our global voice? Go to and register with your language(s).

Enjoy Your Turkey

For those celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, enjoy your turkey dinner and your time with family and friends. For the rest of the world -- including our Canadian customers who enjoyed Thanksgiving several weeks ago -- many thanks for helping make CloudFlare grow all around the world, in every language.

Thanks to Dain Kennison for the image.

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