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What AI companies are building with Cloudflare


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What AI applications can you build with Cloudflare? Instead of us telling you we reached out to a small handful of the numerous AI companies using Cloudflare to learn a bit about what they’re building and how Cloudflare is helping them on their journey.

We heard common themes from these companies about the challenges they face in bringing new products to market in the ever-changing world of AI ranging from training and deploying models, the ethical and moral judgements of AI, gaining the trust of users, and the regulatory landscape.  One area that is not a challenge is trusting their AI application infrastructure to Cloudflare.

Azule, based in Calgary, Canada, was founded to apply the power of AI to streamline and improve ecommerce customer service. It’s an exciting moment that, for the first time ever, we can now dynamically generate, deploy, and test code to meet specific user needs or integrations. This kind of flexibility is crucial to create a tool like Azule that is designed to meet this demand, offering a platform that can handle complex requirements and provide flexible integration options with other tools.

The AI space is evolving quickly and that applies to the rapid evolution of AI agent design patterns. These are essentially frameworks built upon LLM APIs, and they're showing immense potential. Azule effectively allows users to create AI agents which interact with their customers on behalf of their business. It's not just about addressing customer service queries anymore – AI agents can perform significant, ongoing tasks across various industries.

Azule is built entirely on Cloudflare, except for API calls to OpenAI.

The application relies on multiple Developer Platform and Cloudflare products and services.  Durable Objects and websockets are used for live chat.

“Durable Objects enabled us to build our MVP faster than we could have on any other platform, thanks to Cloudflare's thoughtful product design.” - Logan Grasby

Other products used by Azule:

  • Queues for data processing.
  • R2 for all data storage, including vector storage. Instead of using a vector database service, Azule relies entirely on Cloudflare's R2 and cache API for on-disk vector search.
  • Workers KV for storing frequently accessed configuration data.
  • D1 was implemented for their user database.
  • Constellation (now Workers AI) for various labeling and summarization tasks.
  • Workers for Platforms allows Azule AI to write and deploy custom features for the users.
  • Pages for hosting our landing page and marketing content.

Other valuable features used include API shield, email workers, the mail channels integration for email, log push, outbound workers, among others!

“I firmly believe that AI agents are at home on the web. Everything Cloudflare builds has web optimization in mind and so it only makes sense to invest in the platform. By building on Cloudflare, we've made significant cost reductions, particularly by moving all our search solutions to R2. For example, many of our users want to store large datasets on Azule and make them searchable through their agents. Our previous search solutions, based on Pinecone and Milisearch, would have cost thousands of dollars per month to store and search through just one customer's data. With Cloudflare's R2 and cache API, we can now enable our customer's AI agent to comb through large datasets in less than 900ms, at a fraction of the cost.” - Logan Grasby

42able, headquartered in Wales, UK, is at the forefront of AI-driven solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing engagement with business documents. Through cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies, the company seeks to streamline, enhance, and redefine the way businesses interact with their documents.

The modern business landscape is inundated with vast volumes of documents, from contracts and reports to invoices and internal communications. Navigating, understanding, and extracting value from these documents can be time-consuming, error-prone, and often requires significant manual effort.

42able envisions a future where business documents are not just static pieces of information but dynamic assets that businesses can engage with interactively, efficiently, and intelligently.

“Launching an AI product has come with many unique challenges and uncertainties. Users expect AI to be perfect or near-perfect, and are much less forgiving of an AI making an error compared to a human making the same mistake. Decisions about how AI systems should act often involve moral or ethical judgments, which might not be straightforward and can be subject to societal debates. Training and deploying AI models is challenging. Cloudflare's solutions are making it much easier, than managing all the individual parts ourselves.” - James Finney

42able chose Cloudflare for fantastic performance in comparison to other cloud providers, in part due to the no cold boot times, competitive pricing, ease of use, fantastic local development features, and brilliant support. Their development times have decreased through the use of:

  • Workers for all the APIs and re-occurring cron scripts.
  • Pages for all application/platform front-end hosting
  • KV for Angular apps.
  • R2 to store cached personal user data R2.
  • General DNS zone management
  • DDOS protection
  • DNS management
  • Turnstile
  • Zero Trust to secure login pages

They are starting to test with Constellation (now Workers AI) to host some of their models and D1 to support their database needs.

UseChat, based in London, UK, supercharges customer support with a ChatGPT powered chatbot that knows your website and everything on it. With a custom ChatGPT chatbot, customers can get instant answers to the most common questions. When a customer needs more support, will seamlessly hand over from AI to human live chat.

The fully real-time platform was built to take advantage of Workers and Durable Objects from day one. Workers & Durable Objects power the real-time chatbot, integrated with OpenAI ChatGPT API, Queues manages website content crawling, and KV stores crawled website content.

“It wouldn’t have been possible to build and scale our real-time platform as quickly as we did without Workers & Durable Objects. Knowing that a customer can embed our chatbot on their website with millions of visitors, and it will just work lets me sleep sound at night.” - Damien Tanner

Eclipse AI

Eclipse’s mission is to revolutionise the way businesses approach customer feedback. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Eclipse empowers users to make data-driven decisions by leveraging AI for comprehensive customer understanding. If your goals are to; reduce churn, drive growth or improve your customer experience, Eclipse puts the data at your fingertips and provides you actionable insights to drive your business.

Eclipse allows you to unify your Voice of Customer channels (i.e. phone, video calls, emails, support tickets, public reviews and surveys), the platform analyses it at scale and utilises Generative AI to provide key actions specific to your business. Focused on democratising data driven decision-making, Eclipse AI has launched a Freemium model, leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to utilise this tech.

“We believe the future of the internet is on the edge and Cloudflare is at the forefront of this revolution with a growing network that covers most major cities around the world. As a startup with limited resources, the Cloudflare developer platform has enabled our dev team to focus on building our product and not be burdened with managing infrastructure. Best of all, it scales automagically with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.” - Saad Irfani

Eclipse AI uses:

  • Cloudflare Workers for the backend API.
  • Cloudflare Pages for the frontend to deliver content across hundreds of cities worldwide.
  • Cloudflare Images to serve cascaded versions of each asset
  • Cloudflare R2 as the object store.
“As a platform that transcribes video/audio call recordings for VoC analytics, choosing a reliable object-store was an important decision. After the launch of R2 we switched from S3 and noticed a staggering 70% reduction in cost. Overall, we are believers in Cloudflare’s vision and are eagerly awaiting the release of D1 so that our entire stack can be powered by the edge.” - Saad Irfani


Embley, based in Sierre, Switzerland, is a Marketplace Automation Platform that powers the future of marketplace commerce by enabling businesses to scale better and faster.

The platform combines the most advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Process Mining to strengthen a fast end-to-end business process automation with products tailored to marketplaces businesses.

Cloudflare powers Embley’s frontend through Cloudflare Pages that serves what they call the “control center” to the users at the edge. The control center is the core of the back-office tools that users use to manage their marketplace operations.  The backend is powered by Workers, providing a serverless execution environment, connected to the frontend through the Cloudflare API Gateway.

“The primary reasons for choosing Cloudflare are the powerful serverless products that enable us to run an entire tech stack without having to care about infrastructure. Also, the scalability of Cloudflare’s global network is appealing. Finally, security is embedded into Cloudflare through the Zero Trust platform that enable us to secure both production but also the lower environments including the secured access to internal systems and apps.” - Laurent Christen


ChainFuse, based in San Francisco, CA, is a multichannel AI platform that assists organizations in collecting and analyzing user feedback on a large scale. Their AI-powered community tool aids support, community, and product teams in garnering valuable insights, facilitating more informed product decisions.

“We have used Google Cloud and AWS, but our experience with Cloudflare has particularly stood out. Since 2016, we have consistently chosen Cloudflare for our projects due to their excellent product range and reliable performance. Saying "it just works" is an understatement.” - Victor Sanchez

ChainFuse relies on Workers for the core of their backend infrastructure and a range of our security solutions to secure their applications and employees. WAF and its vast adaptability is a major defense, blocking an average of 48% of all incoming traffic, effectively weeding out known malicious traffic. Additionally, it employs rate limiting to prevent abuse. API Shield, used in conjunction with WAF, intercepts an average of 1.32% of the incoming traffic that manages to bypass WAF. The Zero Trust Gateway not only secures their employees but also is integrated into their product to prevent end users from exploiting the platform for malicious purposes., headquartered in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, is building multiple AI tools with a focus on helping bridge humans, developers, and machines together. They’re currently building several ChatGPT plugins (such as CVEs and S3 storage), YourCrowd (MTurk compatible API for humans and bots), and Valkyrie (an automated zero-trust hardening for Linux applications and cloud workloads).

Plugins like CVEs by bring real-time vulnerability information into ChatGPT.

“By using Workers, we’re able to create SaaS services at a scale and cost that just wouldn’t be possible without. If you want a new ChatGPT plugin, let us know on Friday, and by Monday we can have it developed and shipped in production! The rapid development allowed by Workers is a huge advantage for us.”- David Manouchehri

They chose Cloudflare mainly because of the Workers platform. Being able to deploy new code rapidly globally with a single command has greatly simplified their DevOps needs, and they no longer need to worry about whether they have enough resources to scale up. is a heavy user of Cloudflare Workers, Email Workers, Pages, R2, Durable Objects, Constellation (now Workers AI), Cache API, DMARC management, Access, WAF, logpush, DNS, Health Checks, Zaraz, and D1.

We share the opinion of many of these companies that witnessing the incredible breadth and versatility of AI technology and the impact it has on organizations and people is astonishing, and we can’t wait to see where this technology takes people. If you’re inspired by reading these stories and want to start building, check out the Startup program and our Cloudflare for AI solutions.

If you want to share your story about what you’ve built, reach out to us or join the Developers Discord.

Since launching the Launchpad program in 2022, we have showcased a number of exciting startups looking to build the next big application. Whether innovative website designs, content delivery or AI-based features, the internet is waiting for the next big thing.

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