Photo Credit: Texas Military Department (Flickr)

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last Friday as a Category 4 storm. Although Harvey's category was quickly downgraded, the storm lingered around for days, bringing 50 inches of rain to the greater Houston area.

As someone who was born in Houston, it's hard to see my former city hit with such destruction, and to know that many of my friends and fellow Houstonians are in need of help and assistance. Many families have had their entire house flooded out by the storm. Displaced residents are in a state of stagnation and are seeing their supplies diminishing by the day.

The Hurricane Relief app will allow visitors to your site to donate to one of the charities helping those impacted in Houston:

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The Hurricane Relief App takes two clicks to install and requires no code change. The charities listed are recommended by NPR.

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If you wanted to add your own custom list of charities for disaster relief or other causes, feel free to fork the source of this app and make your own.