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New Zero Trust navigation coming soon (and we need your feedback)


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New Zero Trust navigation coming soon (and we need your feedback)

We’re updating the Zero Trust navigation

On March 20, 2023, we will be launching an updated navigation in the Zero Trust dashboard, offering all of our Zero Trust users a more seamless experience across Cloudflare as a whole. This change will allow you to more easily manage your Zero Trust organization alongside your application and network services, developer tools, and more.

As part of this upcoming release, you will see three key changes:

Quicker navigation

Instead of opening another window or typing in a URL, you can go back to the Cloudflare dashboard in one click.

Switch accounts with ease

View and switch accounts at the top of your sidebar.

Resources and support

Find helpful links to our Community, developer documentation, and support team at the top of your navigation bar.

Why we’re updating the Zero Trust navigation

In 2020, Gateway was broadly released as the first Cloudflare product that didn’t require a site hosted on Cloudflare’s infrastructure. In other words, Gateway was unconstrained by the site-specific model most other Cloudflare products relied on at the time, while also used in close conjunction with Access. And so, the Cloudflare for Teams dashboard was built on a new model, designed from scratch, to give our customers a designated home—consolidated under a single roof—to manage their Teams products and accounts.

Fast forward to today and Zero Trust has grown tremendously, both in capability and reach. Many of our customers are using multiple Cloudflare products together, including Cloudflare One and Zero Trust products. Our home has grown, and this navigation change is one step toward expanding our roof to cover Cloudflare’s rapidly expanding footprint.

A focus on user experience

We have heard from many of you about the pains you experience when using multiple Cloudflare products, including Zero Trust. Your voice matters to us, and we’re invested in building a world-class user experience to make your time with Cloudflare an easy and enjoyable one. Our user experience improvements are based on three core principles: Consistency, Interconnectivity, and Discoverability.

We aim to offer a consistent and predictable user experience across the entire Cloudflare ecosystem so you never have to think twice about where you are in your journey, whether performing your familiar daily tasks or discovering our new ground-breaking products and features.

What else?

This navigation change we’re announcing today isn’t the only user experience improvement we’ve built! You may have noticed a few more optimizations recently:

User authorization and loading experience

Remember the days of the recurrent loading screen? Or perhaps when your Zero Trust account didn’t match the one you had logged in with to manage, say, your DNS? Those days are over! Our team has built a smarter, faster, and more seamless user and account authorization experience.

New tables

Tables are table stakes when it comes to presenting large quantities of data and information. (Yes, pun intended.) Tables are a common UI element across Cloudflare, and now Zero Trust uses the same tables UI as you will see when managing other products and features.

UI consistency

A slight change in color scheme and page layout brings the Zero Trust dashboard into the same visual family as the broader Cloudflare experience. Now, when you navigate to Zero Trust, we want you to know that you’re still under our one single Cloudflare roof.

We’re as excited about these improvements as you are! And we hope the upcoming navigation and page improvements come as a welcome addition to the changes noted above.

What’s next?

The user experience changes we’ve covered today go a long way toward creating a more consistent, seamless and user-friendly interface to make your work on Cloudflare as easy and efficient as possible. We know there’s always room for further improvement (we already have quite a few big improvements on our radar!).

To ensure we’re solving your biggest problems, we’d like to hear from you. Please consider filling out a short survey to share the most pressing user experience improvements you’d like to see next.

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