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Welcome Acquia!


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We’ve had the good fortune to share many great experiences with the Acquia team over the last few years. From breaking bread with founder and CTO Dries Buytaert at SXSW, to skiing the slopes of Park City with the company’s CEO Tom Erickson, to staying up late with their incredible team onboarding a joint customer under a DDoS attack. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with the Acquia team.

Today we are thrilled to welcome Acquia as a CloudFlare Partner. Together we developed Acquia Cloud Edge powered by CloudFlare making it easier for any of their customers to access CloudFlare’s web performance and security solutions. The Acquia Cloud Edge is a family of products that protects websites against security threats, ensures only clean traffic get served, and speeds up site performance no matter where visitors are located.

Acquia Cloud Edge powered by CloudFlare comes as Edge Protect and Edge CDN. Edge Protect defends against DDoS and other network-level attacks. CloudFlare sits on the network edge in front of Acquia web servers, allowing early identification of attack patterns and questionable visitors, and mitigating attacks before they reach a user’s site. Edge CDN accelerates the delivery of digital experiences through CloudFlare’s global network with the fastest, most full-featured CDN on the market. It cuts page load times by up to 50 percent and reduces bandwidth. Customers see up to a 95 percent cache hit rate, reducing the number of requests that have to be served from the Acquia infrastructure.

CloudFlare has been a fan of Drupal from the very beginning, and with nearly 2 million sites built on the open content management framework, we are excited to partner with Acquia to provide the best web performance and security for the Drupalverse.

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