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#PressForProgress - International Women’s Day 2018 | A Cloudflare & Branch Event


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Almost a year ago, I began my journey in the tech industry at a growing company called Cloudflare. I’m a 30-something paralegal and although I didn’t know how to write code (yet), I was highly motivated and ready to crush. I had worked hard for the previous two years, focused on joining a thriving company where I could grow my intelligence, further develop my skill set and work alongside successful professionals. And finally, my hard work paid off; I landed the job at Cloudflare and booked a seat on the rocket ship.

After the initial whirlwind that accompanies this fast-paced field subsided, motivation, inspiration, success, momentum and endurance began to flood my neurons. I loved the inner workings of a successful startup, felt the good and bad of the tech industry, related to and admired the female executives and most importantly, wanted to give something back to the community that adopted me.

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During a routine chat with my dad, I pitched what I thought was a crazy idea. Crazy because I was so used to being told “no” at previous jobs, used to not having my ideas taken seriously, and also used to not being given opportunities in my career. My idea was simple: “Wouldn’t it be great to have an International Women’s Day event at Cloudflare?” We talked and texted for days about the idea. It had merit and as scared as I was, I wanted to pitch it! As my dad and I discussed the idea further, it evolved into a full-blown plan of inviting renowned female influencers to attend and share their experiences and accomplishments of working in the tech industry. I wanted it to be a motivational celebration.

After receiving a quick green light from my supervisor and chatting with executives, it happened. Cloudflare got behind the event. 100 percent. And why wouldn’t they? Cloudflare relies on the best and the brightest to do what we do, no matter what. Of course Cloudflare would support an event for kick-ass women!

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Join us for our 1st Annual International Women's Day Event!

Please join Cloudflare and Branch as we join forces to celebrate the evolution of women in technology!

Event Registration Link

From Ada Lovelace to Grace Hopper to Katherine Johnson to the incredible panel we’ll hear from at this event, women in technology have always pressed for progress.

The road isn’t always easy to navigate, but it’s more important than ever to remain steadfast and push forward to equity and parity regardless of gender.

At this lunchtime social, we’ll take a short trip and highlight three legendary women in technology over the last 50 years, and then dive into a panel discussion with three female founders. We’ll hear a little about each one’s journey in their respective industries and touch on their view of what it means in today’s climate to press for progress. We’ll open it up at the end for Q&A from the audience.

Lunch will be provided, and there will also be time for networking and connecting with other women in technology.


Had this 30-something paralegal not pressed for that better job and instead bottled my voice and refrained from sharing my “crazy” idea, no progress would have been made. Working in the tech industry, and specifically for Cloudflare, has allowed me to pursue my dreams, live out my ideas and pave the way for the women of tomorrow. I’m so excited to bring this event to fruition, and I can say on behalf of Cloudflare and Branch that we hope to see you there!

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