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Meet-up With CloudFlare


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Meet-up With

CloudFlare has such a vibrant community, so we thought, why not bring them all together? Over the next several weeks, we are bringing together fantastic groups for a series of meetups. We will host many here in the CloudFlare office, as well as one in Boston.

On Wednesday, April 6, CloudFlare users are getting together in Boston. Gregory Hort is the organizer of the Boston CloudFlare Meet-up. He started the group to get local users of CloudFlare together to talk about the service and more broadly about performance and Internet security. Anyone with an interest in web performance, Internet security, or who is a user of CloudFlare can join the group.

On the other side of the coast, on Thursday, April 7, Scrappy Startup Forum is meeting in our SOMA space for some good food and good talks. The forum consists of anyone who's involved with a startup. It's a great way to connect with others in the industry, share information and tips, and have a fun time.

Later in the month, on Thursday, April 21, the Bay Area NoSQL meetup group is gathering at our office. Ian Pye, CloudFlare's analytics expert, will discuss the data infrastructure at CloudFlare, including how CloudFlare looked at several NoSQL and SQL solutions before ending up with a hybrid model which we are unofficially calling SortaSQL.

In May, the SF Web Performance Group will be hosting a huge talk on JavaScript performance and script loaders here at CloudFlare. Anyone interested in the subject should come by, enjoy the talk and grab some free food.

CloudFlare is looking forward to supporting these meet-ups and getting people connected. Do you have a meet-up idea? Leave a comment and maybe you'll be the next meet-up leader!

  • Wednesday, April 6 Boston, MA
  • Thursday, April 7 San Francisco, CA
  • Thursday, April 21 San Francisco, CA
  • May San Francisco, CA

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