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Keeping your GDPR Resolutions


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For many of us, a New Year brings a renewed commitment to eat better, exercise regularly, and read more (especially the Cloudflare blog). But as we enter 2018, there is a unique and significant new commitment approaching -- protecting personal data and complying with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As many of you know by now, the GDPR is a sweeping new EU law that comes into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR harmonizes data privacy laws across the EU and mandates how companies collect, store, delete, modify and otherwise process personal data of EU citizens.

Since our founding, Cloudflare has believed that the protection of our customers’ and their end users’ data is essential to our mission to help build a better internet.

Image by GregMontani via Wikimedia Commons

Need a Data Processing Agreement?

As we explained in a previous blog post last August, Cloudflare has been working hard to achieve GDPR compliance in advance of the effective date, and is committed to help our customers and their partners prepare for GDPR compliance on their side. We understand that compliance with a new set of privacy laws can be challenging, and we are here to help with your GDPR compliance requirements.

First, we are committed to making sure Cloudflare’s services are GDPR compliant and will continue to monitor new guidance on best practices even after the May 25th, 2018 effective date. We have taken these new requirements to heart and made changes to our products, contracts and policies.

And second, we have made it easy for you to comply with your own obligations. If you are a Cloudflare customer and have determined that you qualify as a data controller under the GDPR, you may need a data processing addendum (DPA) in place with Cloudflare as a qualifying vendor. We’ve made that part of the process easy for you.

This is all you need to do:

  • Instructions for completing our our GDPR-compliant DPA can be found here.
  • To complete the DPA, you should fill in the “Customer” information and sign on pages 6, 13, 15, and 19.
  • Send an electronic copy of the fully executed DPA to Cloudflare at [email protected].

That’s it. Now you’re one step closer to GDPR compliance.

We can’t help you with the diet, exercise, and reading stuff. But if you need more information about GDPR and more resources, you can go to Cloudflare’s GDPR page.

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