In February, CloudFlare packed up our first office in Palo Alto and headed up the 101 to San Francisco. Moving our headquarters to SF not only expanded our workspace, but also put us next to many thriving startups. The new office is located in the heart of San Francisco's SOMA district, complete with an one block walk to Caltrain, the Giants stadium and Blue Bottle Coffee at Cento on Ritch Street.

Some of our favorite things about our new office: our 7000 lbs freight elevator, Graffiti elephant and the ping pong table. It is a weekly battle to name the CloudFlare ping pong champion.


In addition to the new space, CloudFlare welcomed four new members to the team: Terry, Jason, Kristin and our intern, Jocelyn. We're excited to have all of these folks on-board.

We all come to work everyday to solve challenging problems. Bringing performance and security to every website is an audacious goal. We know that by succeeding, we are making the web a better place. If this ethos resonates, I encourage you to check our open positions on our careers page or send us a note. We read every email that we get and we are always looking for talented people to join our growing team.

CloudFlare Opens Its Office in San Francisco, and Brings on New Talent