Apps - First Week Recap

This week marked the introduction of CloudFlare Apps.

CloudFlare now offers VigLink, Apture Highlights, and Google Analytics in the Apps dashboard. All three services are directly available to CloudFlare customers with one-click simple integration.

What our customers are saying about the Apps launch:

Via Twitter....

Joe S. - DeadliestWhispe @Cloudflare thanks for@CloudflareApps, installing@apture was ridiculously simple! works like a charm!!

Jose S. - josers18 Congrats to@Cloudflare and@VigLink for releasing!

Via Facebook...

Doug J. - "I can't wait until Pingdom, and Google Webmaster Tools are released!!!"

James T. - "Look forward to other apps being released :)"

CloudFlare will be releasing five more Apps next week, starting on
Monday, June 6th (GMT). Stay tuned!