EDIT: Apture was a previous app partner, but is not currently participating in the Cloudflare Apps program. The link to the app has been removed from the end of the post.

App a Day #2 - Apture Keeps Readers Glued to Your

CloudFlare is excited to introduce App #2: Apture Highlights, which is now available in CloudFlare Apps. Apture automatically adds contextual search to your website, which means that your visitors stay more engaged with your content since they have the tools to search and share without leaving your page. Apture gives your readers the power to search the web for rich content from Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Flickr, YouTube and others all through your site. The result is that on average, Apture increases user engagement by 2 to 3 times.

is a free App available through CloudFlare's easy integration.

App a Day #2 - Apture Keeps Readers Glued to Your Pages

By simply selecting "ON", Apture will automatically integrate on the pages of your site.

Visit the Apture page [link removed] now to keep your users engaged on your site!

Excited for what's coming next? Stay tuned for tomorrow's app: analytics solutions made even easier by CloudFlare.