Frankfurt Data Center Makes 11!

Frankfurt has been known for its business center, its techno music, and, well, its frankfurters. Now add another item to the list: CloudFlare's newest data center! Frankfurt turns CloudFlare's dance music volume past 10 to 11 data centers worldwide. Frankfurt is an increasingly important hub for European Internet traffic, and the Frankfurt data center will increase performance for areas that had previously been serviced by our facilities in Paris and Amsterdam.

Special thanks to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the representatives from the German Region of Hessen who helped us clear an issue with the customs paperwork for one of our router shipments. Turns out you learn a lot of things and meet a lot of interesting people when you're building a global network, and the folks from the Region of Hessen, where Frankfurt is situated, were terrific to work with.

Next up: we expect Singapore will be online later this week. After that, we're planning to work on Miami and London to finish up our Phase 2 data center deployment and bring the total footprint to 14 core Internet exchange points. And then we'll begin work on Phase 3 where things really get interesting..... stay tuned!