Seattle: CloudFlare's 17th Data Center

Our ops team is on a roll! Hot on the heels of Sydney and Atlanta going live yesterday, we're happy to announce Seattle, Washington as the location of CloudFlare's 17th data center. We just turned on the facility and traffic will ramp up over the next few hours. The facility will help serve traffic from the Pacific Northwest and take load off San Jose, which is one of our busiest data centers currently.

"Water Is Blue, Not Land. Duh!"

This update also marks a dramatic change to the CloudFlare Network Map. For quite some time, the map matched the overall color scheme of CloudFlare's site and represented the land mass with a blue color. You'd be amazed how many customers wrote in to tell us that we'd made a mistake and the water should be blue, not the land. It became a bit of a joke around the office.

Seattle: CloudFlare's 17th Data Center

It is therefore with some sadness I report that Kevin, our designer, has given in to the masses and switched away from the blue land network map. The new map represents everything as shades of gray. I find it somewhat more ominous, but hopefully it'll end people's confusion.

Oh, and in the process of writing this, I just noticed we crossed 400 billion page views through our network and 40 petabytes of bandwidth saved for our users, which is pretty cool too. Stay tuned, six more data centers coming online soon. Any guesses what city in what country we'll turn on next?