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Increased interest in Spanish media after the La Palma volcanic eruption


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The Internet is a valuable source of knowledge but also a deeply interesting, interconnected, and complex place. And with Cloudflare Radar (our Internet trends and insights free tool for everyone — including journalists, like I was for several years) you get a sense of different trends in the collection of networks that form the Internet.

We saw that over the past week or so in Spain. Radar shows a clear increase in interest in Spanish media outlets (in comparison with the preceding days and Sundays) after the news of the eruption in La Palma (one of the Spanish Canary Islands) broke on Sunday, September 19.

That is particularly clear looking at El País, one of the most well known media outlets in the country. Using our Global Popularity Ranking Trend available on Radar, we can see that jumped several positions in our ranking of most popular domains after September 19. That change is clear in the last seven days, but especially in the last 30, putting El País near the top 3,000 most popular domains in the world.

The increase in El País’s traffic is clearly visible after Sunday, September 19, 2021
The increase in El País’s popularity is clearly visible after Sunday, September 19, 2021

A similar trend is seen on the El Mundo website, which had its highest days of global popularity on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. And Spanish public radio and television, RTVE, after a week of growing popularity, reached the top 1,200 of our Global Popularity Ranking last Friday, climbing more than 100 positions after the news of the volcano’s eruption broke. also had a traffic increase that continued to grow throughout the past week also had a popularity increase that continued to grow throughout the past week.

There is a world of trends and even human habits (different from country to country) to discover on our Cloudflare Radar platform. Start here.

More about the volcanic eruption:

Live blog from ElPais (in Spanish) —

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