How quickly did this blog post load? Did you happen to notice?

Most website visitors do notice that sort of thing, even if they don't realize it consciously. In fact, virtually all visitors have strong opinions about how quickly a website should load, how responsive it should be, and how often it should go down (preferably, never). Most users strongly prefer webpages that take under 5 seconds to load, and they're much more likely to leave without buying products or reading content if a page takes too long to render.

Everyone should understand how to keep websites fast

Part of the Cloudflare mission is to make the Internet better by helping it perform better. One way we are delivering on our mission is by sharing easy-to-read educational content to assist anyone with a web property.

We recently launched a performance-themed Learning Center: a series of educational articles on why performance matters, the factors affecting performance, and some of the best practices for making websites faster. Check out the Performance Learning Center!

This Learning Center is for anyone who wants to really do a deep dive into the complex topic of website performance, no matter what their technical background is. We hope these articles can demystify the causes of slow page load times, and help make a strong business case for speeding up a website.

And no, we aren't trying to trick anyone into reading a bunch of material about how great the Cloudflare CDN is (even though we do think it's pretty great). CDNs do speed up websites, but performance is much more complex than that, so we've covered topics like:

Also, be sure to check out our other Learning Center content to learn about how a DDoS attack works, what domain registrars do, why "serverless" computing still involves servers, and other technical topics you wish someone would take the time to explain clearly.