We are excited to add four new data centers this week to Cloudflare's growing network, beginning with Colombo, Sri Lanka. This deployment is our 112th data center globally, and our 38th in Asia.

Faster Performance

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 image by Pavel Dobrovsky

Six million Internet properties using Cloudflare are now even faster across the island country of Sri Lanka. Previously, local visitors to Cloudflare customers were served out of our Singapore or Dubai data centers.

Latency (ms) decreases 4x to Cloudflare customers. Source: Cedexis

Sri Lanka added over one million Internet users in the past year alone. At ~30% Internet penetration, there is considerable room to grow.

Next Three Cities

Our deployments to be revealed later this week will provide additional redundancy to existing facilities in North America and Africa.

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