CloudFlare protects Einstein's
brain!CloudFlare protects a lot of websites - from eCommerce websites to blogs to SMBs to government sites, and everything in between. And now we can say we protect Einstein's brain through an interactive iPad app from the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago.

Thanks to the NMHMC, neuroscientists, researchers, educators and the general public now have access to Albert Einstein's brain via a new iPad app that will allow its users to examine the Nobel Prize-winning physicist's neuroanatomy as if they were sitting in front of a microscope.

The NMHMC Harvey App provides access to the Harvey Collection, from the National Museum of Health and Medicine, prepared by Dr. Thomas Harvey, the pathologist who performed the autopsy on Albert Einstein. The collection includes microscopic neuroanatomical slides prepared from approximately 170 areas of Einstein's brain and brainstem. Users can explore these ultra-high-resolution microscopic slide images at a variety of magnification levels, extending from low magnification all the way to cellular detail, just like with a physical microscope, all from their own network-connected iPads.

The iPad app launched today and we are thrilled that the NMHMC chose CloudFlare to help make sure their app was fast, secure and available for their new users. The iPad app has received a lot of media coverage around the world including USA Today, Venture Beat and The Sun, and with CloudFlare's help, the launch of the app has gone off without a hitch.

The NMHMC Harvey App is based on the VScope virtual microscope system from the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago. For more information about the app, visit