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CloudFlare App: Experimently - First Heat Map App Now Available


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CloudFlare App: Experimently - First Heat Map App Now Available

This is the first app of its kind in the CloudFlare app marketplace and we couldn't be happier to welcome Experimently as our newest app partner. Experimently provides free heat maps (up to 5,000 visitors per month) and A/B testing for any website.

CloudFlare App: Experimently - First Heat Map App Now Available

With heat maps, you will visually see where your visitors are clicking so you can see if that image should be made into a link to your sign up form, order page or any other site page. Experimently also lets you create online tests on any website without having to know HTML or graphic design.

Even Easier With CloudFlare

One of the most exciting features of this offer is the sign up process. Customers can sign up for Experimently via CloudFlare in an instant with Single Sign-On (SSO) provisioning and instant home page heat map functionality, even before you dive into the rich features available. Simply toggle Experimently on and see where your site visitors are clicking the most on your home page.

Rich Functionality

Experimently lets you:

  • Visually edit your site with point-&-click and drag-&-drop ease.
  • Change, replace, or remove any element on your site including text copy, images, buttons, colors, style sheets or anything else.
  • Experimently automatically builds everything for you, then displays all the variations until there is a winner.
  • No need for coding, data entry, juggling spreadsheets, or guessing how long the experiment should last to ensure the results are accurate.
  • Track how many visitors click on specific buttons, links, submit forms or reach a thank you page by creating conversion goals.
  • No need for programmers - Experimently was built for marketers.

Programs for Sites of All Size

Experimently's programs start at free, with additional pricing plans available to meet the needs of sites of all sizes, ranging from $99/month for 30,000 unique visitors to $999/month for 500,000 unique visitors.

Visit the Experimently app page now!

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