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Brussels, Belgium: CloudFlare's 81st Data Center is Live!


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Our week begins in Brussels, where we announce our newest data center. This is our 23rd data center in Europe alone, and our 81st data center globally - providing additional redundancy to nearby facilities in Amsterdam and Paris.

Millions of websites using CloudFlare are now faster in Brussels, and we are excited to exchange traffic at the Belgium National Internet Exchange (BNIX).

Strategic City

Brussels - which hosts several strategic European institutions such as the European Commission and the Council of the European Union - is home to over 40,000 EU employees. With the turn up of our Brussels data center, they join the rest of the country in experiencing a faster Internet. Impressively, close to 90% of Belgium's citizens are online.

Two more cities

We will be announcing two more data centers this week - each in one of the world’s most populous countries. Could you guess which ones?

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