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Posts by Junade Ali

Simple Cyber Security Tips (for your Parents)

Published on by Junade Ali.

Today, December 25th, Cloudflare offices around the world are taking a break. From San Francisco to London and Singapore; engineers have retreated home for the holidays (albeit with those engineers on-call closely monitoring their mobile phones). Software engineering pro-tip:Do not, I repeat, do not deploy this week. That is

The New DDoS Landscape

Published on by Junade Ali.

News outlets and blogs will frequently compare DDoS attacks by the volume of traffic that a victim receives. Surely this makes some sense, right? The greater the volume of traffic a victim receives, the harder to mitigate an attack - right?

Cloudflare London Meetup Recap

Published on by Junade Ali.

Cloudflare helps make over 6 million websites faster and more secure. In doing so, Cloudflare has a vast and diverse community of users throughout the world. Whether discussing Cloudflare on social media, browsing our community forums or following Pull Requests on our open-source projects; there is no shortage of lively