Strong Quintet

This past week, we introduced five new CloudFlare Apps. Ranging from webmaster tools to analytics, with live chat, monitoring, and support as new options for good measure, it's a great collection. Each one is available from the CloudFlare dashboard. More details about each App available on the individual App detail pages:

What Our Customers Are Saying This Week

Via Twitter

  • mhalligan "Damn, @cloudflare is turning out to be the application delivery network I always dreamed about building. Badass."
  • timClicks "it kinda seems like @CloudFlare is fixing the Internet"
  • ajohnclark "@CloudFlare Absolutely awesome service, dirt cheap SSL, threat detection, apps and speed increases = #sold"

Via Facebook

  • James T "The very concept of App a Day is cool. All the best to your partnerships and the many possibilities extended to Cloudflare 'framework'."
  • Aid H "Thanks for this great offer Cloudflare ♥"

We will be announcing five more Apps this week, so be sure to check-in with us to see what we are adding to CloudFlare Apps!