Zoompf is a cloud-based tool for on-demand web performance testing and optimization. We're pleased to be able to offer their robust Zoompf Performance Report as a CloudFlare App for a one-time fee of just $5.

How It Works

Zoompf Performance Report is super simple. Once you purchase the report, Zoompf crawls and analyzes your website for over 100 performance issues. Within minutes, Zoompf generates a rich PDF report and emails you a download link. There is nothing to install or configure.

App: Zoompf Performance Report Helps You Find And Fix Performance

Value of the Zoompf Performance Report

Zoompf provides a superior performance analysis over free tools in 3 key ways: breadth, depth, and detail.

First, Zoompf scans large portions of your site, not just a single page. This ensures that all your pages are optimized.

Next, Zoompf tests for over 100 different performance issues from their comprehensive database of over 400. Free tools test for only a dozen or so issues.

Finally, while a free tool might provide a sentences or two description about a performance issue, Zoompf provides a wealth of information including a summary, easy-to-fix ratings, and detailed remediation information -- all with accompanying diagrams and code snippets.

Testing more of your website, for more issues, and providing more information about how to be faster makes Zoompf the best front-end performance analysis tool available today.

Results You Can Use

Zoompf Performance Report helps you find and fix performance issues to drop seconds off page load times, improve user satisfaction, drive additional revenue, and reduce operational costs. Get your report today!