App: PunchTab Provides Instant Site Loyalty and Rewards

How much do you appreciate your site's visitors? With the newest CloudFlare app, you can show them.

PunchTab instantly adds a loyalty and reward program to your site, for free.

Visitors connect to your PunchTab-powered platform via Facebook. Regular visits earn your loyal visitors points every single day. Are they more involved? More points are awarded for commenting, sharing via Twitter, liking on Facebook, or giving you the Google +1 for new content.

Beyond these common actions, you can incent your customers to complete other custom actions, via the PunchTab SDK (software development kit).

Rewards Catalog

Right out of the gate, your customers can choose from a catalog of gift cards from top brands around the internet as soon as they earn enough points.

Once you're ready, you can create a custom catalog, with incentives specific to your customers.

How To Get Started

PunchTab is available for free on one domain.

Turning on PunchTab via
will instantly start your loyalty program, placing the red "rewards tab" in the position of your choice on your website within seconds.

App: PunchTab Provides Instant Site Loyalty and Rewards Program