App: Dome9 Automates Secure Access to Your Servers

Security Beyond Web Traffic

CloudFlare protects your website, scrubbing your web traffic from unwanted visitors and attacks. But not all traffic to a server is web traffic. For instance, SSH, FTP and other administrative ports may be needed at different times. But, every open port is a potential vector for attack, so these ports require thought, care and control.

Our newest CloudFlare App partner, Dome9, has a complementary solution aimed at these non-web ports. They're providing server security management as a service, so you can close all administrative ports easily and completely, by default.

With Dome9's Secure Access Lease™, you can open servers on-demand for the right people, for a defined amount of time, with an audit trail. The service helps you manage both internal access and third-party developer rights.

App: Dome9 Automates Secure Access to Your Servers

CloudFlare Setup

Like all CloudFlare Apps, Dome9 is easy to turn on in your CloudFlare dashboard. For $20/month, you can manage and control access to 1 server, with 2 administrators. Additional servers and administrators can be added thereafter. Dome9 requires a lightweight install of the Dome9 Agent on your Windows or Linux server, whether hosted or cloud or virtual private server (VPS). The Dome9 Agent is available at Dome9 Central, immediately after account creation via CloudFlare.

One important note: Dome9 is not available for shared hosting environments at this time.

Set up Dome9 today, and start automating secure access for all your hosted and cloud servers.

App: Dome9 Automates Secure Access to Your Servers