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App: Makes Performance and Load Testing Easy


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App: Makes Performance and Load Testing Easy is a self service load and performance testing platform. It's a new offering from Mu Dynamics, leaders in the application testing space, and we're thrilled to make Blitz instantly available to CloudFlare customers right now as a CloudFlare App.

Command Line Utility, with Visual Reports

This CloudFlare App appeals mostly to developers, but even less technical members of the CloudFlare team (like me) enjoyed learning about's capabilities and running some tests. There's a reason calls testing Play.

App: Makes Performance and Load Testing Easy offers a developer-friendly command line user experience. This interface deliberately isn't point and click, since keyboard control gives savvy customers an efficient way to run familiar commands with the power of Blitz at their fingers. The reports, though, are presented visually, for full pattern-recognition power -- see examples below.

How We Found Each Other

We learned about because an early customer tried to load test a site on CloudFlare. Our security throttled and blocked the test automatically, which protected our customers. However, we believe in services which make a website owner's job easier, and load and performance testing are part of the toolkit. So, after an exchange of tweets and emails, we agreed to work with the team to make their new service an integrated option for CloudFlare customers.

How It Works

Turn on in your CloudFlare dashboard, and follow the link to You'll be automatically signed in, and ready to play. We're starting with a free plan, for testing up to 500 concurrent users. Higher volume paid plans are coming soon.

If using Blitz load testing to test a site protected by CloudFlare, note that Blitz load testing ("rushes") will need to be directed to your origin server, so you can learn the real baseline limits of your application. These results will not reflect CloudFlare acceleration, nor will CloudFlare security block the test.

CloudFlare Difference

Once you discover the limits of your application, you can be confident that CloudFlare will improve its performance from that baseline. CloudFlare's delivery of static content from its global network frees up server resources and connections for use by your application, so you can wrangle more performance out of the same setup.

These two screenshots of reports show a rush for a single image (same one in both tests) from's California region, with the origin server in California. The first one is without CloudFlare, and hovers around 300ms. The second is with CloudFlare, and is less than 20ms. This isn't an application, but still interesting results.

App: Makes Performance and Load Testing Easy

App: Makes Performance and Load Testing Easy

Additional Benefits

With Blitz's command line interface, no scripting is required. You can run your tests from multiple continents. Finally, Blitz is easy to integrate in your deployment process: there's a robust API, with support already available for Ruby, Java, Python, node.js and more.

We encourage you to use to make performance testing fun and easy.

We protect entire corporate networks, help customers build Internet-scale applications efficiently, accelerate any website or Internet application, ward off DDoS attacks, keep hackers at bay, and can help you on your journey to Zero Trust.

Visit from any device to get started with our free app that makes your Internet faster and safer.

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