EDIT: UserVoice was a previous app partner, but is not currently participating in the Cloudflare Apps program. The link to the app has been removed from the end of the post.

App a Day #6 - UserVoice Full Service support and feedback tools

Listen To Your Customers

We're fortunate to have a large, growing group of customers. (Welcome, The Next Web readers.) Using the right tools to respond to customers (individually and at scale) makes a business smarter and faster. It's also a fantastic opportunity to learn about how you can be even more valuable to your customers.

The Right Tools For the Job

UserVoice, now available as a CloudFlare App, can help anyone assist and engage their customers.

Working together with the smart team at UserVoice, we integrated their compelling Full Service plan as a single-click option in your CloudFlare dashboard. (It's truly the slickest App experience yet. So easy you don't realize you're done!)

UserVoice Full Service combines the UserVoice Feedback tool and Helpdesk support platform into a single package, transforming the often-frustrating support and customer feedback processes into a positive experience through its simple interface, leaving your customers feeling cared for and your support team feeling appreciated and valued.

The UserVoice Helpdesk support platform allows you to receive, track, and respond to user issues. Additionally, the Knowledge Base and Instant Answers feature brings your customers answers to their issues before they ever send you a message.

UserVoice Feedback tool allows you to get prioritized ideas from your customers, so you know exactly what to build next.

How to Start Using UserVoice
Through CloudFlare integration, your UserVoice account will be created at help [yourdomain].com and a Feedback Tab widget will be added to your website so visitors have an easy way to get help and give you feedback without leaving the page.

App a Day #6 - UserVoice Full Service support and feedback

UserVoice is offering a 30-day free trial on their Full Service Basic plan (single admin), which is $5/month after the trial. You can easily upgrade inside your UserVoice admin console to support more admins or
additional features.

Special Bonus for CloudFlare Customers

UserVoice kindly added domain aliasing -- usually a paid offering only -- to the free trial.

Domain aliasing means the UserVoice features are available at help.[yourdomain].com in addition to [username].uservoice.com. And CloudFlare takes care of the DNS changes for you automatically.

Note: if you've enabled CloudFlare from one of our hosting partners, domain aliasing needs to be managed at your host -- but everything else about the UserVoice offering is fully available via CloudFlare.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sign up for UserVoice now [Link Removed].