App a Day #10 - Zoompf Web Performance Optimizer

Analyze More Than 380 Performance Issues

At CloudFlare, we spend a lot of time working on website performance, and how to make your websites faster. Today's CloudFlare App is from a team that thinks about performance enough to even impress us: Zoompf

The Zoompf Web Performance Optimizer (WPO) is a cloud-based front-end performance scanner which analyzes your website for over 380 performance issues which are slowing it down. Beyond analysis, the service highlights the problem, explains the solution, and gives you clear recommendations about how to proceed. As the final step in making performance part of your development routine, Zoompf delivers role-based reporting so you can assign to the right people inside your organization. These reports also provide ongoing insight for each team member about their area of concern.

50% Off For First Week Customers

For CloudFlare customers, Zoompf is offering their Basic Plan, normally $99/month, for nearly half off -- $49.99/month -- if you subscribe before June 21, 2011. Every customer who subscribes this first week will enjoy the discounted price for up to a full year.

Zoompf is a simple SaaS tool that's totally non-invasive, with nothing to install and an easy on-ramp through CloudFlare Apps, with integrated billing and account creation. Help make performance part of your routine with Zoompf Web Performance Optimizer.