Jack Zubarev is a founder and President of Parallels. Since the company's founding, he has held multiple leadership roles within the company, including running the Marketing and Alliances teams, COO, Division President, sales engineering, product marketing, and business development. Jack has been instrumental in building the company from its start to today with more than 800 employees.

Today, Jack is excited about how quickly Parallels has grown and the recent release of Plesk 11.

"We are growing very quickly," said Jack. "Over 9,000 service providers and over 10 million small businesses are using our platform through their service providers."

When asked how he sleeps at night, knowing that many people depend on them to keep their sites online, Jack is quite honest, "I don't," he says.

In addition to the release of Plesk 11, Parallels is focusing on their web presence builder product and tools, building it to be as intuitive, seamless and widely used as possible.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask about a future Plesk 12, in which Jack told us "we never sit still. We are definitely working on the next updates."

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