Much of the modern Internet is built on what is known as the LAMP Stack. LAMP originally stood for Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP. You'll find this basic stack at the core of companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and more. While some argue that the P should stand for Python, and we at CloudFlare tend to prefer Postgres to MySQL and NGINX to Apache, the general point is the same: with these free foundational tools, great Internet applications can be made.

We were tickled the other day when we heard someone giving a talk on the "CLAMP" stack: CloudFlare + LAMP. More and more companies are using CloudFlare to extend the scalability of the LAMP stack from an individual machine to a global network. CloudFlare cuts the load on a typical LAMP stack web server by nearly 70%. That allows you to put twice the load on a single server the LAMP burning out.

With integration into more and more of the top hosting providers, it's easier than ever to turn your LAMP into a CLAMP.