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Starting a new job in the middle of a pandemic


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It has now been more than 90 days since I joined Cloudflare’s EMEA Recruiting Team as a Recruiting Coordinator based in Lisbon. In a year filled with hardships for so many people around the world, I wanted to share my journey. I hope people will relate and feel encouraged to pursue their dreams, even during these challenging times.

When 2020 started, it was not in my plans to change jobs and start working at a new company, completely remote, without ever meeting my colleagues in person or visiting the office. However, that is exactly what happened, and I am so glad I did.

Interviewing with Cloudflare

The number of interviews in the hiring process at Cloudflare may feel overwhelming for some - in my case, I met 11 people during this process. For me, I was glad to have so many chances to get to know the people I would be working with. I believe I got as much out of the conversations as the interviewers did, which is great — a recruitment process should be as much about the company getting to know you, as you getting to know the company.

A great thing about interviewing remotely is that I got the chance to talk to people all around the globe, which enriched the process and my idea of Cloudflare as a company. I started to picture myself as an actual member of the team, definitely interested in working towards a better and safer Internet. Even though there were many interviews to get through, the constant communication with the team made me feel engaged and excited. In the end, the process went by quickly, even quicker than I expected.

The best thing was the outpouring of support I received from what would be my future teammates once I accepted the offer. I felt welcomed way before my actual start date!

Remote Onboarding: Adapting and Evolving

In all my previous companies, onboarding was done in person and small groups. I was not prepared for a fully remote experience with a class of more than 20 people, yet it was so smooth and well-coordinated that you wouldn’t believe it had been run virtually for only a few months!

My onboarding class included people from all over the world — Lisbon, Austin, Miami, Washington, London, Munich, Singapore… And not only that, but we were all starting different roles, from Customer Success to Engineering, and even Legal Counsel! This gave me the opportunity to know people I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet, and it allowed me to establish bonds early on with my colleagues. Given the current situation, knowing that people were in the same boat with me felt reassuring. I felt that we were in it together, in a way. Not only that, but I got everything I needed for work (and more — like a pair of Cloudflare socks!) delivered to my home, making the whole experience very comfortable for me.

Ramping up and aiming for the stars

Starting in a new role can be a daunting experience — it’s a new environment, a new team, a new project, and lots of things that could go sideways. However, there are also a lot of things that can go right!

At Cloudflare, I found an extremely welcoming, supportive team that helped me ramp up and take ownership of my work quickly and effectively. I felt so supported that I took ownership of a big project right away — Cloudflare Careers Day. Right from the start, it was clear to me that Cloudflare has ambitious goals for the growth of our Lisbon office. I thought about the ways I could help with that, and a virtual careers day seemed like a great first step to drive brand awareness and let people know we are hiring and that we are hiring! The Recruitment Team set in motion a plan to turn this idea into reality in less than three months, resulting in a successful and fun first edition of the Cloudflare Careers Day in November 2020.

Of course, there were times when I felt unsure of myself and my abilities. But this is why it is so important to be able to rely on your team. In the end, I feel I have grown a lot in just three months — not only professionally, but personally as well!

I look forward to working on more projects. I’m excited to write with this blog post, which I hope will inspire more people to take a chance, believe in themselves and just go for it! Even in these strange, stressful times, good things can and do happen, especially when you are surrounded by talented, inspiring people.

What does the future hold?

Lisbon! I am excited to help grow our Lisbon office, recruiting talented people that feel as strongly as I do about helping build a better Internet. We have many different open roles at the moment so, if you see one that suits you, take a chance and reach out. Maybe you’ll embark on a new journey, just like me.

Our Lisbon story is just beginning. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things we will accomplish in 2021, both as a team and as a company.

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