When we talk about international expansion we're usually talking about adding data centers around the world. The last one we added was in Seoul, South Korea. And we've had a data center in London for a very long time. But now we're adding something different: people.

As CloudFlare's customer base and network have grown our need for 24 hour operations and technical support has grown. At the moment keeping things running means keeping people awake in California. With data centers in 23 locations around the world and customers in every country CloudFlare staff have to keep things humming day and night.

And so CloudFlare will expand in the next couple of months with an office in London.

CloudFlare London: We're

We believe that London will make an ideal base for operations and technical support to complement our San Francisco office, and we can dip into the rich London talent pool to find people.

We keep our Join Our Team page updated with positions on in London. These include Technical Customer Support and
Technical Operations Engineer.

Keep an eye out for new openings as we expand into London.