Verio is the recognized industry leader in delivering online business solutions to SMBs worldwide. Distributed through its network of OEM and via Verio channel partners, Verio's solutions provide web hosting, application hosting and SaaS applications that enable SMBs to drive online success.

We talked with Gabriel, Sr. Product Manager at Verio, to find out what Verio is all about and what new initiatives they are announcing.

"Verio is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications. We've been in the business for over sixteen years, offering shared web hosting, VPS, and SaaS products," said Gabriel.

Verio serves mostly small businesses, but they do have a reseller
channel. Their biggest channel is telcos and OEMs worldwide. They have a
large presence in Latin America, Europe and Japan.

Within their customer base, they've seen a few changes that they are striving to address.

"Primarily customers want easy to use, turn key solutions, especially small businesses who don't want to have to spend too much time figuring out how to use or configure product," said Gabriel. "We try to make sure we find and deliver solutions that are turn key and easy."

Tune in to hear more on Verio's customer solutions and recently launched
Cloud offering, Cloud End.

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