Elya has over 10 years of extensive experience in the web hosting industry. As the VP of Customer Care she is responsible for all aspects of SoftCom's Customer Support including management of all the internal and external teams and vendors.

Founded in 1997, SoftCom Inc. is an industry leading provider of Cloud Hosting and Business Communication services to more than 2.5 Million users with support of 26 languages in 140 countries worldwide.

Elya is incredibly focused on initiatives to improve their customer's experiences.

"One of our initiatives I would definitely like to point out is our customer onboarding process," said Elya. "It's a three-stage process, we onboard the customers as soon as the order is submitted. Within 10 minutes a call is being placed to welcome them aboard."

Two more calls are placed within the next week, just to be sure customers are having a painless, easy onboarding experience.

At HostingCon, Elya was excited to meet with companies to partner with.

"We are looking for partnerships to enhance the customer experience," said Elya.

When it comes to dealing with the customers directly, Elya welcomes to opportunity and even gets to practice her Russian.

"I think the executive team has to be involved and connect with the customer base," said Elya.

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