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Jared Ewy from talks community management, culture and doing what you love


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Jared is the online "face" of He tweets (a lot) and keeps the branded conversation going on Facebook and all other social media platforms.

We caught up with Jared to learn about and find out exactly what a community manager does.

"We are GoDaddy, but cooler," said Jared. "Domains, websites and hosting, we pride ourselves on ridiculous customer support."

When it comes to community management Jared says is always trying new things, listening to people, giving things a chance and just seeing what works. He says it's about creating that conversation.

"It's ever evolving, but my basic thing is create that conversation," said Jared on his Twitter use. "10 years ago you didn't have the opportunity like you do now, take advantage of that."

As far as creating a culture, Jared believes you can't micromanage and you need to give everyone an opportunity to go beyond their scope of work. He also believes it's important to like your job and what you're working on.

"Do what you love," said Jared.

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