Kenny Li is co-founder and VP of Operations at Cloud Spectator. As a recognized leader in applied cloud intelligence, Cloud Spectator works together with enterprises and service providers in the cloud space. Cloud Spectator provides comprehensive industry reports, pricing comparisons, benchmarking software, as well as customized services.

"We actually provide market metrics into the cloud industry," said Kenny. "We realize there are a lot of reports out there and there are a lot of analysts out there, but no one gets down to the nitty gritty."

Cloud Spectator investigates and reports on what cloud users are really looking for. They use a variety of open source benchmark tests to provide data and peg it to pricing.

Looking forward, Kenny is excited to attend expos like HostingCon and learn more about providers and customers.

"The main goal of these expos is not only to network with cloud providers but ultimately understand the end user," said Kenny. "We want to be able to understand what cloud users are looking for so we can optimize our products to help them."

Tune in to hear more on Cloud Spectator and how they are like the "Consumer Reports" of Cloud Providers.

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