Ryan is the Vice President of Product and Business Development at Basekit. Having been in the tech industry for almost a decade, Ryan is an experienced professional at both startups and Fortune 500 companies, with an MBA and engineering degrees.

We caught up with Ryan at HostingCon where we talked about Basekit, where he's seeing growth in the industry, and what their customers are saying.

"We have a platform for small businesses to get online. At the very basic part of that it is getting a website and getting a template that is relevant to what customers are doing," said Ryan. "We try to make that as slick and easy as possible."

Basekit provides customers with everything they need to create a professional website in an easy to use, completely customisable way. No coding required.

"The biggest thing, the reason they are picking Basekit, is that there's a ton of flexibility there," said Ryan.

Basekit's customers span from photography sites to ecommerce sites to small businesses of all kinds.

"It's a wild and wooly mix of small businesses out there," said Ryan.

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