As the Chief Technology Officer for GlobalSign, Ryanis responsible for developing the overall technology vision, product architecture, standards development, compliance and overseeing the engineering and operations organizations.

When asked about how GlobalSign is addressing the issues of SSL and website performance, Ryan had a few things to say.

"There are a number of things that we have ongoing related to performance and SSL. One of which obviously has to do with our use of CloudFlare."

GlobalSign recently moved their revocation repository behind CloudFlare to give better performance and reliability for revocation services.

In addition to their partnership with CloudFlare, GlobalSign has recently sponsored improvements to the NGINX platform to help remove the dependency on customers needing to contact GlobalSign to retrieve revocation information at connect time, improving performances across the board.

The newest developments at GlobalSign aren't just their service improvements, but their physical growth as well.

"We're opening new engineering offices in Seattle and Manila (Philippines), said Ryan. "We're making some big investments in furthering our API support and a number of other platform improvements."

Tune-in to hear more on the improvements and growth of one of the leading Certificate Authorities.

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